Halloween Stories 🎃🤡😈

Ok, so we know that today was Halloween or maybe yesterday was depending on when you are reading this. I went trick or treating with one of my good friends Kali. So, I got sooooo much candy (equivalent to 2 whole bags), I don’t even think it’s healthy anymore. But, I’m very picky about what […]

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What zodiac sign are you?

What are the zodiac sign dates for every star sign? Your zodiac sign, also known as your Sun sign, is based on a range of dates that lasts about a month. If you were born with this date range, you are a member of this zodiac sign. You zodiac sign says a lot about your […]

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My favorite quotes

Hey, welcome back! I don’t know about you but I tend to go on Pinterest ALL THE TIME and look at the inspirational quotes because it really helps lift your mood and is a great way to start the day (in my opinion). Below I have listed a few of my favorite quotes, check them […]

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My obsession with music

Listen I don’t know about you but a have a crazyyyy obsession over music. If I’m not at school, my headphones are always plugged in. (Actually I plug them in at school too… but that’s not the point here). When people ask me who my favorite music artist is, I can’t really answer cause I […]

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